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2019 BMW F80 M3 CS

2019 BMW M3 CS Unveil - More Power, More Carbon.

May 21, 2018

BMW's F80 M3 flagship vehicle, the 2019 BMW M3 CS will hit the US market at a price of $97,400 USD; In Germany, the 2019 M3 CS will be listed at 113,700 EUR.

2019 BMW F80 M3 CS Edition

Packed with more power, a sleeker & more aggressive design than the base F80 M3, the 2019 M3 CS will be limited to just 1200 models- most of which have already been spoken for. 

The infamous S55 3.0-liter straight six engine puts out an additional 29 horsepower over the standard F80 M3, while also bumping the torque up to 442lb-ft. This bump in power, along with other various upgrades to the chassis and stability control allow the 2019 M3 CS to break the 0-60mph sprint in under 4 seconds. And while the M3 CS is electronically limited from the factory to 174mph, BMW made sure that you won't wast any time getting there. 

2019 BMW F80 M3 CS Edition

The significant weight savings is largely due in part to BMW's use of Carbon Fiber throughout the roof, hood, and aerodynamic trim pieces. 

Some BMW M3 owners, however, may be disappointed at the fact that the 2019 BMW M3 CS will not come with the option for a manual transmission- which is even an option in the base F80 M3. 

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