BMW F90 M5 M Performance Parts

BMW F90 M5 M Performance Parts List (OFFICIAL Parts List)

April 30, 2018

With the release of the anticipated BMW F90 M5, comes the release of the full line of Genuine BMW M Performance Parts for the BMW F90 M5 . The full M Performance line of exterior carbon fiber accessories, interior trim, as well as performance parts & accessories, take the BMW F90 M5 driving experience and styling to the next level - enhancing vehicle aerodynamics, improving stability & drivability under rigorous track conditions and high-speed environments, as well improving the overall appearance and aggressiveness of the F90 M5 styling.  

All of the BMW M Performance Parts for the F90 M5 were revealed during SEMA 2017, however, not all of them will be available until July 2018. Here is a list of the BMW F90 M5 M Performance Parts:

  • BMW M Performance Titanium Sport Exhaust system (July 2018)
  • M Performance Coilover suspension (July 2018)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Front Side Splitters (Part Number: 51-19-2-449-921)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Side Skirts (Part Numbers: 51-19-2-447-015 & 51-19-2-447-016)
  • M Performance Carbon fiber rear spoiler (Part Number: 51-19-2-414-142)
  • M Performance Carbon fiber rear diffuser (Part Number: 51-19-2-446-628)
  • M Performance Black Side Sill Decals (Part Number: 51-14-2-350-435)
  • M Performance Motorsport Stripes Film Set ( Part Number: 51-14-2-449-798)
  • M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grille & Side Vent Set (Part Number 51-13-2-456-162)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Kidney Grille & Side Vent Set (July 2018)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers (July 2018)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber engine cover extension kit (Part # 11-14-8-058-667)
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber steering wheel
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles
  • M Performance Carbon Fiber Gear Shift Lever Cover
  • M Performance Floor Mat Set (Part Number: 51-47-2-450-775)
  • M Performance Key Case (Part Number: 82-29-2-355-519)
  • M Performance LED logo projector

BMW M Performance Parts for 2018 BMW M5 (F90) - Press Release

World premiere: BMW M Performance Parts for the all-new 2018 BMW M5.

Since its world premiere in August, the all-new BMW M5 has attracted attention around the globe. At the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, BMW is now presenting a comprehensive range of exclusive M Performance Parts for the all-new BMW M5. All of these components from the M Performance Parts accessory range were developed using BMW M Motorsport know-how and underscore the high-performance sedan’s sporty and luxurious appearance, and also fulfil functional requirements in terms of aerodynamics, cooling and lightweight construction. Most of these exclusive M Performance Parts will be available as options during the time of ordering when the vehicle is launched in the Spring of 2018, with additional products following in July 2018.

Aerodynamics in perfection. 

The numerous highlights featured in the accessory range developed especially for the all-new BMW M5 include the package comprising M Performance aerodynamics components. All of these parts are made from lightweight carbon fiber and are elaborately handcrafted.

The following aerodynamics components are available: a newly designed front attachment, side sill attachments, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, a carbon fiber rear spoiler Pro (**) and a rear diffuser. All of these components accentuate the all-new BMW M5’s powerful and sporty appearance, while ensuring optimized aerodynamic characteristics.

Additional components from the M Performance Parts accessory range have been perfectly adapted to the aerodynamics package and now provide additional accents to the all-new BMW M5. The front kidney grilles and air breather trim side grilles (**) bearing the M logo and M Performance carbon fiber mirror caps(**) further enhance the carbon fiber look. The M Performance side sill foils accentuate the side sill attachments, optimally rounding off the distinctively sporty look provided by the aerodynamics package.

** Components available as from July 2018

Latest technology from motorsport brings the BMW M5’s performance onto the road, while guaranteeing superior driving behavior right up to the car’s limit. Thanks to an even sportier set-up, the new BMW M Performance coilover suspension developed specifically for the BMW M5 ensures excellent road-holding and increases driving dynamics resulting from a more direct connection of the vehicle chassis to the road. Moreover, red coil springs also add further visual highlights. The spring plates are adjustable.

Carbon-ceramic brakes guarantee superior braking characteristics. The sports disc pads are based on highly durable, motorsports-proven racing brake pads (***) and offer advantages such as a shorter braking distances, better brake response as well as higher thermal resilience. Furthermore, the race-oriented interpretation of brake-force distribution provides for enhanced dynamic brake control.

The new BMW M Performance sports exhaust system, which will be on sale exclusively in the USA and Canada, guarantees an emotional motorsport sound. The rear muffler is made from titanium with carbon fiber tailpipe trims additionally available. Optimized exhaust gas routing with reduced counter-pressure enhances the powerful V8 TwinTurbo sound and underscores the sporty driving experience.

The M Performance Drive Analyzer, also derived from motorsport, is an innovative tool for recording and evaluating all important vehicle dynamics data. The system offers comprehensive, professional possibilities to record and analyze, which can be evaluated and displayed on the smartphone. The Drive Analyzer determines a variety of relevant indicators such as diverse engine data, speed and peak values, engaged gear, use of accelerator pedal and brakes as well as lateral acceleration. When established, the results can be directly shown on the smartphone as videos or graphic representations via the M Performance Drive Analyzer App, which is available free of charge to BMW customers. Furthermore, customers also wishing to capture their drive on film, BMW M Performance Parts offers the Trackfix action camera holder, which can be mounted in the threaded bush of the towing lug either at the front or rear end of the vehicle.

Sporty, dynamic appearance down to the finest detail. 

M Performance Parts for the BMW M5 bring that true racetrack feeling to everyday life – also in terms of visual presence. These include motorsport stripes in typical M colors, which highlight the car’s sporty design even further and lend it its very own individual character. The elaborately handcrafted M Performance carbon fiber engine cover extension kit is a real eye-catcher and also makes the car’s racing genes visible where its performance has its origins – in the engine compartment.

** Components available as from July 2018
*** Not available in the US.

This racing look has also been applied to the vehicle’s interior components. The M Performance steering wheel (**) conveys a genuine motorsport feeling thanks to its distinctive geometry and extremely pronounced Alcantara grip area and a carbon fiber steering wheel cover. This is enhanced by newly designed carbon fiber shift paddles (**) and a carbon fiber gear shift lever cover (**). M Performance floor matsare a perfect complement to the car’s interior ambience. Finest details from the suspension to the interior reveal that the BMW M5 and M Performance Parts have their roots in motor racing, and this also includes the new key wallet for the all-new BMW M5. It comprises a material mix of high-quality Alcantara and carbon fiber and offers a perfect combination of motorsport design and functionality. The M Performance LED logo projector, which completes the accessory range available for the BMW M5, is also a genuine statement.

M Performance Parts in use for the MotoGPTM. 

A unique model designed for racetrack use will shortly be celebrating its premiere – the BMW M5 MotoGPTM Safety Car. Since 1999, BMW M has been the “official car of the MotoGP” and affiliate partner of MotoGP organizers Dorna Sports, deploying its fleet of safety cars to guarantee safety in the world’s fastest motorcycle racing series. Like the predecessor model, the BMW M5 MotoGP Safety Car is equipped with a multitude of BMW M Performance Parts so that it is able to fully meet the special demands on a lead vehicle in professional motorsport. These also include M Performance aerodynamics components as well as the BMW M Performance sports exhaust system made from titanium. The BMW M5 MotoGP Safety Car will make its first racetrack appearance at the 2017 season final in Valencia, Spain, in November. During the 2018 season, it will be the spearhead of the BMW M MotoGP Safety Car fleet.

The BMW M5: the quintessential high-performance sedan. 

Thanks to numerous innovative features, the all-new BMW M5 offers perfect handling up to the vehicle’s dynamics limits – both on the road and on the racetrack. These include the newly designed M-specific four-wheel drive system M xDrive being employed in the BMW M5 for the first time. It guarantees optimized driving dynamics through precise handling and perfect traction. The heart of the BMW M5, the 4.4-liter V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, has been extensively revised by our M engineers. It delivers 600 hp and a maximum torque of 553 lb-ft, offering a significant increase in performance vs. the predecessor models. Acceleration from 0-60 mph with the new 8-speed M Steptronic transmission featuring Drivelogic is just 3.2 seconds. The suspension features M-specific kinematic and elastokinematic elements to help optimize driving dynamics. Weight is also a crucial factor in terms of performance: This has been further reduced, inter alia, by a roof made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

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