*LEAKED* 2018 BMW F90 M5 Competition Package - The AMG Killer

May 03, 2018

BMW F90 M5 Competition Package

With the newly released 2018 BMW F90 M5 recently being delivered to customers, the M Performance division of BMW has been steadily working to take the F90 platform to the next level by developing the BMW F90 M5 Competition Package - boasting more power, improved driving dynamics, and M Performance styling cues. 

It was reported in September 2017 that BMW's M Performance Division had been working towards the development of the F90 M5 Competition package, with brief details given about the final outcome. While no one knows quite for sure (even now), a recent leak of information from a BMW customer with a BMW F90 M5 on order seems to shed some light on the the so called "Super Sedan" that BMW's M Performance Division has been working on. With the official BMW F90 M5 Competition Package Global Release date set for May 8th, 2018, here's what we know so far:

BMW F90 M5 Competition Package

By all accounts, and judging from initial testing of the base 2018 BMW F90 M5, the F90 M5 Competition Package is expected to be a true AMG killer. BMW's Product Executive, Andy Cook, had noted in a recent interview that "The Competition Package will bring tweaked dynamics, and likely standard ceramic brakes – which are a $10,000 option on the standard car".

The standard 2018 BMW F90 M5, utilizes BMW’s 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine as its power plant. Producing a mind-numbing 600 hp on the dot and 553 lb-ft of torque. All of that power is unleashed through an eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic that was specifically designed & tuned for the F90 M5. 

If the details from this most recent BMW F90 M5 Leak are legitimate, then the F90 M5 Competition Package stands to bump up the power, and enhance the performance of the vehicle with an additional 25 horsepower, and another 37 lb-ft of torque- bringing the 2018 BMW F90 M5 Competition Package power numbers to an incredible 625 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. 

BMW F90 M5 Competition Package

For a sport sedan that is already putting out as much power as it already is, the additional power makes it even more powerful than the BMW F90 M5's competitor, the Mercedes-Benz E63 S AMG, by 22 horsepower. Not only does the F90 M5 boast more power than the E63S AMG, but it also puts the power down off the line and beats its competitor by .1 seconds from 0-62mph.

One of the most notable features of the F90 M5 is the invigorating sound produced by its 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 Engine. This is due to the fact the M5 Competition Package will come outfitted with the BMW M Performance Sport Exhaust, "With competition specific tuning," which will add a more race-inspired tone that is not without its fair share of the cracks & pops from the already vicious V8's excitement inducing soundtrack. One of the drawbacks of the F90 M5 Competition Package Performance Exhaust, however, is that it will not come standard in full titanium. A feature that many have come to desire, especially at the BMW F90 M5's price point. 

Although Carbon Ceramic Brakes will not be included in the F90 M5 Competition Package, they can be added, for the nominal price of $8,500. Although, with the numbers that the F90 platform is already putting up, the addition of Carbon Ceramic Brakes seem like an obvious upgrade for those who plan to drive the F90 M5 to its true potential. To bring out a truly aggressive and finely tuned track-focused driving experience to the F90 M5, the Competition Package will be outfitted with a sport suspension for a lower & stiffer ride, as well as bespoke alloy wheels. 

BMW F90 M5 Competition Package

On the exterior, the BMW F90 M5 Competition Package will enjoy a few minor styling changes to set itself apart from the "standard" F90 M5's, featuring gloss black accented badges, side grills, and throughout the lower section of the rear bumper around the rear diffuser. Competition-branded illuminated door sills, an M carbon fiber engine cover, and blacked-out “Competition” underneath the M5 badge will also be featured as a part of the package.

The BMW F90 M5 will begin production in July of 2018, with customer deliveries taking place in September 2018. 

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To Summarize the full BMW F90 M5 Competition Package details thus far, here's what we have: 

Global Specification:

  • Increased Power (+25 hp & 37 lb-ft torque) 
  • 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds
  • 0-124mph in 10.8 seconds
  • 190mph top speed with BMW M Driver's Package
  • BMW Sport Exhaust with competition specific tuning (louder, with more pops & crackles- Non Titanium)
  • Track-focused Suspension (lowered and firmer in sports/+ settings)
  • Y-Spoke 789M wheel
  • Gloss Black Badging, including "competition" under rear M5 logo
  • Gloss Black front and side grills
  • Blacked out lower portion of rear bumper (around diffuser)
  • High gloss rear trunk lip
  • M Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Competition illuminated door sills

Carbon Ceramic Brakes will be an $8,500 USD option. 

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