2016 BMW F80 M3 Competition Package - Carbon Fiber Aero & Akrapovic Exhaust

2016 BMW F80 M3 Competition Package - Carbon Fiber Aero & Akrapovic Exhaust

April 09, 2018

One of the most infamous M3 builds on Instagram belongs to #TeamCFCO member Angel, @Angel_F80. Every inch of Angel's 2016 BMW F80 M3 has been upgraded or modded in some way, shape or form, with the best of what is on the market. From the exterior carbon fiber aero mods, to the interior decked out with the very first upgraded Carbon Fiber M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel, courtesy of Dinmann, no expense was spared in making this build a truly unique F80 M3. 


This BMW M3 was definitely created to blend in. The M3 is wrapped in a deep satin blue vinyl that highlights the natural curves and aggressive lines of the F80, and accented by a set of satin gold ANRKY AN23 Two-Series Forged wheels. The ANRKY Wheels paired with the Air Lift Performance Air Suspension make this M3 sit absolutely perfect whether it is parked and slammed to the pavement, or if it is in driving mode and sitting at a perfect ride height.

Angel's F80 M3 has gone through many different iterations, and he continues to develop and form his build into something that hasn't been seen before- swapping through various carbon fiber front lips, rear diffusers, and other components, that most enthusiasts would settle with.

The front end of this F80 M3 has been completely transformed into a GTS style M on steroids. The Carbon Fiber Hood, which is a GTS front hood, took the front of the F80 to the next level, making it look much more aggressive. Between swapping front lips, and making changes to the wrap, Angel had the Dinmann Carbon Fiber F8X M3/ M4 front lip, which was his favorite lip that he has ever owned. As someone who drive the hell out of his car, and makes frequent trips over to Mexico, he needed a lip that could withstand his high demands as a driver- this F80 is no garage queen. Along with the Dinmann Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Angel went even further with the Dinmann Carbon Fiber Front Fenders - you know.. because regular OEM fenders are boring.

From the Dinmann Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Angle switched up the style significantly, and we swapped the Dinmann front lip with the RSC Tuning Carbon Fiber Front Lip and Adjustable Front Splitter. The RSC Tuning Carbon Fiber Front Lip is an extremely aggressive lip, that is very similar to a GTS style carbon fiber front lip. It's made with high-grade pre-preg Carbon Fiber material using advanced autoclave technology, making for a perfect fit and finish with a perfectly laid carbon fiber weave pattern. 

The RSC Tuning Adjustable Carbon Fiber Front Splitter which is made of a solid piece of pre-preg carbon fiber material was accented with vinyl wrap to match the exterior of Angel's car and make the Carbon Fiber Front Lip really pop and stand out against the deep satin blue. This Carbon Fiber Front Splitter is fully adjustable, and can be tweaked and adjusted based on preference and/ or driving conditions. If you choose to go with the full on aggressive splitter setting, making for increased downforce and improved airflow & aerodynamics, the splitter comes out approximately 2 inches, really adding to the aggressiveness of the front end of the F80 M3, especially when it is aired out and slammed to the ground. The splitter can also be adjusted for more everyday street driving, so that there is less of a risk of scraping the front of the splitter. 

Moving around to the rear of the car, there is tons more carbon fiber upgrades, including a full Seibon carbon fiber trunk, and the insanely aggressive Varis Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser - including the carbon fiber under-tray and fins for enhanced aerodynamics, and added aggressiveness. 


The Exterior of Angel's F80 M3 is decked out in some of the highest quality carbon fiber pieces on the market, but the carbon fiber addiction doesn't stop there with this build. For the interior of this M3, Dinmann did a first-ever carbon fiber M Performance Electronic Steering wheel, which featured the fully functional LED rev limiter lights, never before done on any M3 or M4 build. The carbon fiber doesn't stop at the steering wheel though, the entire interior is compliments the exterior carbon fiber parts with tons of Carbon Fiber Interior Trim pieces throughout. 


If turbos were made in carbon fiber, I am sure they'd be on this build, but the next best thing for this 2016 F80 M3 was Pure Stage 2 Hi-Flow turbos, for insane power. Putting down close to 700 horsepower to the wheels, this F80 M3 can go straight from a car show to Mexico, and hold its own with some of the fastest cars on the streets. When Angel came to us looking for the proper exhaust for his build, we knew there was no better option than the BMW M3/ M4 Akrapovic Titanium Slip-on exhaust system with Carbon Fiber exhaust tips. Since Angel was already running the Akrapovic Evo Titanium Link Pipe, the slip-on was the perfect addition to turn the exhaust system into a true full Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System. Dropping nearly 65lbs of weight from the stock exhaust, and increasing horsepower and torque, while achieving an incredible sound. 

Note: What is the difference between the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System and the Akrapovic Titanium Slip-on Exhaust?

Photoshoot done by @woyshins.media

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