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Huracan Adjustable Carbon Fiber Rear Wing by 1016 Industries

1016 Industries

The Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Huracan Wing by 1016 Industries is fully (and easily) adjustable, and constructed from high-grade autoclaved 2×2 Carbon Fiber. A flawless and perfectly matched Carbon Fiber weave match the factory Lamborghini Carbon Fiber pattern perfectly.

The Lamborghini Huracan Carbon Fiber Wing by 1016 Industries is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection to combine the best of both form and function. Inspired by the world of GT3 and motorsport racing, this wing is fully adjustable to suit different driving preferences and needs at any given time. Whether you position the wing with its easily adjustable pins to be optimized for maximum downforce, for track applications, top speed, or a combination of the two, the 1016 Industries Carbon Fiber Wing accommodates all driving preferences.

Constructed from the finest autoclaved 2x2 pre-preg Carbon Fiber, the Carbon Fiber weave and finish of the final product is flawless, and a perfect match to the factory Lamborghini Carbon Fiber found throughout your Lamborghini Huracan.

Furthermore, the 1016 Industries wing kit features an industry only attachment to the frame of the car itself. Utilizing 3D scanning and precision design implementing a lower cnc aluminum bracket that bolts the wing to the rear frame structure without the need of drilling. For more aero friction reduction all surfaces on the wing legs are chamfered to create even and smooth flow around the uprights. Finally included in the wing kit is a full carbon fiber base replacement.

Type: Rear Wing

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