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Agency Power Aeroform BMW F8X M3/ M4 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Agency Power


  • Aggressive & Aerodynamic Design
  • Made From Real 2×2 Carbon Fiber material
  • Improved Airflow & aesthetics
  • Perfect Fitment Guaranteed
  • Finished with UV Protective Clear Coat

The Agency Power BMW F8X M3/ M4 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is designed to transform the rear of your BMW F80 M3, F82/ F83 M4. Providing an unmistakeable aggressive appearance, that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. The perfect F8X M3/ M4 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for any type of use, whether your BMW is your daily, a track monster, a weekend rider, or anything in between.

The enhanced dynamics of the Agency Power Aeroform Carbon Fiber F8X M3/ M4 Rear Diffuser improve airflow and aerodynamics along the rear of your vehicle, while adding that extra touch of aggression.

The Agency Power Aeroform Diffuser is made of high-grade carbon fiber material, and finished with a UV protective finish to ensure maximum durability and longevity of the diffuser itself. Installation is quick and easy, making for the perfect hassle-free mod, backed by the Agency Power perfect fitment guarantee.

This carbon fiber rear diffuser features a 3 fin carbon fiber design, which truly highlights the aggressive styling of the diffuser. The fins are moderately aggressive, and are very noticeable when looking at the rear of your BMW M3/ M4 from any angle, giving it a striking appearance.

Type: Rear Diffuser

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