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PSM Dynamic F82 M4 Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit

PSM Dynamic


  • 16-piece full Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit
  • Each piece constructed from high-grade vacuumed Carbon Fiber
  • Specially designed fender flares improve airflow
  • Aggressive stance with the added width to the BME F82 M4
  • Perfectly crafted fit & finish

The PSM Dynamic BMW F82 M4 Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit is the epitome of taking your BMW M4 to the next level. This kit is perfect for M4 owners looking to truly stand apart from the crowd, and break necks wherever they go- whether thats the track, a car show, or on the street.

This M4 Widebody is expertly crafted using the highest quality vacuumed carbon fiber material throughout each piece, to ensure a flawless fit & finish all the way around your BMW M4. Unlike your standard Carbon Fiber Aero Kit, the PSM Dynamic M4 Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit adds significant width to your F82 M4, completely transforming it into an aggressive machine, unlike anything else on the road. Although the F82 M4 looks aggressive direct from the factory, it stands no comparison when next to an M4 with the PSM M4 Widebody Kit.

Improved aesthetics & design weren't the only things on the minds of the team at PPSM Dynamic while they were crafting this kit. The fender flares are also specially designed & engineered to contour perfectly and disperse air in a more efficient way to in order to increase aerodynamic performance, and enhance stability.

Type: Wide Body Kit

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