Vorsteiner Vincenzo Huracan Performante Aero Kit 

Vorsteiner on of the most well-known and sought after aftermarket automotive tuning companies, has officially developed a limited edition carbon fiber aero kit for the Lamborghini Huracan Performante LP640-4 - dubbed the Vorsteiner Vincenzo Edizione, this kit takes the already incredibly aggressive Huracan Performante platform and levels it up to hypercar level design. 

Vorsteiner has had a slew of wildly successful aero kit launches including their two kits for the Lamborghini Huracan - the Vorsteiner Novara Edizione kit, and the Vorsteiner Verona Edizione Kit. Unlike these kits, the Vorsteiner Vincenzo Edizione is limited to just 30 kits for the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, making it an exclusive release for the aftermarket tuning company. 

Vorsteiner's signature styling, craftsmanship, and engineering shine through on each release, from their Novara and Verona packages for the LP610-4 and LP580-2 Huracan, to their packages for the 488 and other models. With the Vorsteiner Vincenzo Edizione aero kit, its no different.

Every exterior aerodynamic has been beefed up in this package to maximize aerodynamic performance while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the Huracan Performante. The entire kit is manufactured from Vorsteiner's Forged Carbon Fiber instead of the traditional 3k twill weave carbon fiber pattern that many Vorsteiner fans are used. Since Lamborghini made Forged Carbon a standard in the manufacturing process of the Huracan Performante, the use of Forged Carbon on Vorsteiner's part throughout this kit made sense, and flows well with the factory carbon found throughout. 

Vorsteiner Vincenzo Huracan Performante Aero Kit 

Part Name MSRP Part Number
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Hood $8,995
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Hood (Primered) $7,295
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Front Lip Spoiler

Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Side Blades $10,995
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Front Lip Spoiler $6,995
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Vented Fenders $10,995
Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Side Blades $1,095
TEV 1060


Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Hood

From the front of the Tesla Model 3, Vorsteiner kept the design of the Model 3 carbon fiber front lip spoiler to follow a minimalist design that flows the natural body lines, along with some added contours and airflow dams to better direct air across the front lip of the Model 3 for improved aerodynamics, downforce, and airflow. The side fins on the front lip spoiler further help to direct airflow, as well as giving an extra flair of aggression to the overall appearance of the front lip spoiler. 

Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Aero Fenders

Followed along the sides, the carbon fiber Volta side skirts are subtle, aligning perfectly with the Model 3's natural body lines and gradually coming to a fin toward the rear wheel. The fins toward the rear on the side skirts give a natural progression from the front of the Model 3 to the sides, and ultimately ending at the rear where Vorsteiner really gives their added flair (depending on which diffuser you go with :)


Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Front Lip Spoiler

The rear of the Model 3 can be taken to the extreme when it comes to aggressive styling and aerodynamics with the Vorsteiner Volta Track Edition Rear Diffuser. This diffuser truly makes a statement with its bold design, hard lines, and highly engineered aerodynamics. Made for Model 3 owners who want the absolute best in both form and function, the track edition carbon fiber rear diffuser is a level up from the standard carbon fiber Volta rear diffuser which Vorsteiner offers. Although, both styles are a big step up from the stock rear end of the Tesla Model 3. 

Vorsteiner Vincenzo Performante Side Blades

Last, but certainly not least, Vorsteiner finished off their Volta Model 3 kit with a simplistic rear deck lid spoiler. And although the Volta Rear Spoiler is sleek, it brings the entire package together, transforming the Tesla Model 3 from a "standard" mass-market electric vehicle, to an EV who's styling now matches the performance that it delivers on the street.