BMW F8X M3/ M4 Carbon Fiber Fang Type 3 Front Lip by Morph Auto Design

Morph Auto Design

  • Made from High-grade 2×2 Carbon Fiber
  • Perfect Fit & Finish
  • Aggressive Styling and functional aerodynamics
  • Increased downforce and stabilization
  • UV Protective Coating

The Morph Auto Design Fang Type 3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip for the BMW F80 M3 and BMW F82 M4 is even more aggressive than the Type 1 and Type 2 series, but still matches form and function with a high quality finish.

Manufactured using a high-grade 2x2 Carbon Fiber material in an autoclave, the carbon fiber weave matches that of the M3/ M4 weave pattern to have a cohesive carbon fiber finish all the way around.

The increased downforce and stability come as a result of the Fang Type 3 Lip's functional design which properly distributes airflow across specific points of the front lip for improved aerodynamics.

Available in either a Matte or Gloss finish.

Category: BMW, M3

Type: Front Lip

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