Eventuri BMW F90 M5 Carbon Fiber Intake System



The Eventuri BMW F90 M5 intake system is designed to make a positive impact for the whole driving experience. By taking advantage of aerodynamic principles and using computational fluid dynamics to optimise the airflow, we have engineered an intake system which delivers on all fronts – sharpened throttle response, more torque and power, improving drivability and of course, an amazing V10 induction sound. ***Available for PRE-ORDER***

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Enhanced airflow & increased power
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Perfect Fitment
  • Improved Drivability

Made from 100% prepreg carbon fiber of the highest quality, the workmanship on the housing is second to none. This encapsulates the filter and is mated to an anodized aluminum inlet cowl to ensure a smooth inlet flow path. The filter itself is a deep pleated, high flow double cone configuration which is dry to avoid damaging the MAF sensor. Finally, the assembly is then mated to an aluminum heat shield which effectively shrouds the intake from engine bay heat and captures the ambient air being diverted from the scoop. Also, notice the rubber spacer on the mount of the heat shield - this is for the headlight module to sit on so that it remains at the right height - small details are important! 

100% Prepreg carbon fiber with a CNC machined collar - the air scoop forces ambient air directly into the filter opening. This scoop simply clicks into place in the front right-hand brake duct and effectively saturates the mouth of the intake with cold air. It has been designed to take up half the height of the duct in order to allow airflow to still continue through the duct for the brakes. The scoop is so effective that even after a hard drive, the aluminum cowl at the mouth of the intake will still feel cold to touch! 

Each intake system includes:

  • Prepreg Carbon Fiber Venturi Housing
  • High Flow Double Cone Air Filter
  • Aluminum Cowl for smooth airflow entry
  • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Intake Tube with integrated MAF Sensor Mount
  • Prepreg carbon Fibre Air Scoop
  • Laser Cut Intake Duct
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
  • High-quality Silicon couplers with BMW specification hose clamps

This part fits the following BMWs:
2018+ F90 M5

Type: Intake Kit

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