Ferrari 488 GTB & GTS Performance Box



Ferrari 488 GTB & GTS Performance Box

The 488 performance box for the Ferrari 488 GTB or GTS is a true "plug and play" power upgrade, that can be easily removed as no soldering is required. The module is a painted, die-cast aluminum housing with cables to manipulate the charge air sensors and manifold air pressure sensor (Engine Speed is monitored via the OEM Camshaft sensor). The Capristo performance box for the F488 was developed to maximize performance gains in conjunction with the Capristo 488 Valved Exhaust System.

With the installation of the Capristo 488 Performance Box, engine power is raised from 660 Hp (670PS) to 710 HP (720PS) and the torque from560lb-ft (760Nm) to 597 lb-ft (810 NM). While there is the possibility to raise these levels further, enough clearance is left to prevent potential damage to the OEM engine internals. Further tuning is possible; however, Capristo recommends additional hardware component upgrades (internals) if the end user is looking to further push the envelope on the stock engine, which would invalidate OEM warranties.

*Dyno Sheet Results Included in Product Pictures*

Ferrari 488 GTB/S Performance Box Installation Manual



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