Novitec Power Optimized ECU's Ferrari Scuderia F430 04-09


F1 430 09

Novitec Power Optimized ECUs Ferrari Scuderia F430 04-09

Vivid Racing is leading the way in providing with top of the line performance why not also get the ECU for optimized preformance from Vivid Racing. The Novitech optimized ECUs are achieving higher performance through new adjusted engine electronics with modified group curves as well as higher cut-off speed to 8.800 rpm (creating a higher top speed). Switching of the flaps regulation with the Manettino on the steering wheel.

Performance:  384kW (522 hp) - 8600 rpm
Max. Torque:  488 Nm / 5450 rpm
Vmax:  +6 km/h

                                            Category: 488

                                            Type: ECU Tune

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