Novitec Power Package Stage 2 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T 3.9L V8 17-18


F1 555 11

The NOVITEC program for the GTC4 Lusso T has been developed for maximum form and function. Motor performance has been achieved through upgraded engine management software and high quality exhaust systems available in lightweight stainless steel.

The in-house developed performance gains are the heart of the NOVITEC program. Massive power development and outstanding performance, coupled with a unique sports car modified for daily use, are the crucial factors that will convince you of the performance delivered, built and designed by NOVITEC.


  • Consisting of an new adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves and a higher cut-off speed to 7.950 rpm
  • Stainless-steel exhaust system without or without flap-regulation, please select below
  • Including NOVITEC tailpipes
  • X-Pipe Replacement
  • Replacement Catalyst
  • Weight-reduction: 9kg
  • Performance: 521 kW (709 hp) at 7,950 rpm
  • Max Torque: 882 Nm / 3,250 rpm
  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T 3.9L V8 17-18
  • Pictures Used For Marketing Purposes Only, Actual Product May Vary.

        Type: Power Package

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